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Novapunk Clothing

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Clothing Set made for the Novabeast avatar.

This clothing uses VRC Fury as main install, however it includes a none VRC Fury version to use.

Includes Substance Painter files


This clothing is inspired by cyberpunk and contains references to it.

The jacket has holograms and a gif that you can change to whatever image you want, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

For enhanced coolness, you'll have cybernetic implant glasses that follow the shape of your face and also turn transparent.

The Jacket has dynamics on the sides so it looks more natural, works with the boobs too!

Cool space-age boots for your daily endeavors.

2 sets of emissions are included for the suit.

This includes:

Suit, pants, cybernetic glasses.

Boots and boot necklace.

As well as a jacket.

Mesh details:

Suit: 4,980 Polygons

Jacket: 14,529 Polygons

Pants: 17,136 Polygons

Shoes: 8,136 Polygons

Cyber glasses: 2,012 Polygons

Clothing contains all the necessary blendshapes:

Has a well-organized menu:


Poiyomi Toon shader version 8.0 or newer (can be changed for any shader but it is premade with Poi)

Poiyomi Download

VRC Fury (needs to be installed first)

VRC Fury


Discord name (.metalgod)



  • By purchasing this product you agree to NOT share the files with anyone who has not also purchased the product.
    You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset, but not directly share the files.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.
  • This asset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. you cannot use it commercially.


Entire Unity work: Liindy


Lindy's Twitter

Dragon art in the right part of the pants: AlienChompers

AlienChomper's Twitter

Hologram credit to Nebula

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Suit, Pants, Shoes, Cyber glasses, Holograms, VRC fury compatible. Includes Substance Painter files.

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Novapunk Clothing

60 ratings
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