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Metal's VogueVixen Set

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Clothing Set made compatible with the Rex, Nardo, Hyenid and Whicker.

The clothing will contain all the blend shapes per avatar so if you enjoy booba or not, it will still fit!

There are 15 materials to choose from, 5 materials per piece of clothing ready to use in a Unity package.


Poiyomi Toon shader version 8.0 or newer (can be changed for any shader but it is premade with Poi)

List of the polygon count and Blendshapes:

5,660 Polygons for Jacket.

Jacket blendshapes.

4,159 Polygons for Suit.

Suit blendshapes.

8,572 Polygons for pants.

Pants blendshapes.


Discord name (.metalgod)



  • This item is Quest compatible if you change the shader away from poiyomi
  • By purchasing this product you agree to NOT share the files with anyone who has not also purchased the product.
    You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset, but not directly share the files.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.
  • This asset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. you cannot use it commercially.

CREDITS: LOAFE: Marketing and advertising PxINKY public youtube tutorial Hyenid texture

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Last updated Sep 29, 2023

Jacket, Suit, Pants. 5 textures per piece, 15 textures in total. Instructions how to set up. Comes in a unity package.

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Metal's VogueVixen Set

18 ratings
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