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Avatar Keyboard

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A piano for VR Chat, it includes:

  • Each key actually works when you press it
  • Working soundboard with memes, you can change these sounds to anything at all
  • A volume slider
  • 7 Unique textures
  • You can grab it and place it anywhere
  • The keys make contact with your feet and people's faces (in case you want to use it as a weapon of mass destruction)
  • Instructions on how to set up the piano with your avatarAll the textures are shown below:

do not distribute
do not resell
do not use in public avatars
not refundable

Blender/Substance Painter work- METAL GOD
Unity work- Lorcan

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7 Unique textures with screen animations and lights, rescaling, volume slider, Place it anywhere, instructions

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Avatar Keyboard

2 ratings
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